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  • How do you send me my ordered driver's license?

    Your purchased driver's license will be given to you by an agency sent national or international mail, depending on the country, in which you are. We usually use DHL services. This document will be sent to safest way.

  • How much does a driver's license cost on this site?

    A driving license in the Netherlands on this website costs 1200 euros and can vary depending on the categories you want cost up to 1500 euros. The cost of shipping your Driver's license are included in this payment. passed
    In addition, the purchase of the driver's license is done in two Share, one before and one after the ultra-secure Delivery of the document.

  • How long does it take to buy a driver's license from us?

    From the moment you enter your details, you enter a
    Right, our form that contains all of your elements
    that you need the driver's license that you have
    Purchasing, you have to wait 5 to 6 days to get your driver's license his
    sent to your address in a discreet envelope through our
    usual transport service. Of course one has to Prepayment to be made to cover the cost of the Delivery of this driver's license can be covered without any problems can.

  • Create national ID cards for countries other than Germany, United Kingdom and United State ?

    No! Although we intend to extend our reach to others We are currently only supporting expanding countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland

  • How long does it take to present an identity card?

    Usually we need 3 days to get your identity card and another 2 days to send it to you.